Sky Habitat Showflat

The Sky Habitat showflat is available for viewing by advance appointment. The showflats are in actual units, mainly 2 + Study Terrace, 3 Bedroom Terrace & 4 Bedroom Terrace units.

We can also show you actual bare units for the available unit types.


Sky Habitat Showflat Photos

Photos of some of the Sky Habitat condo show flat units.


Sky Habitat Photos

Photos of artist’s impressions of the Sky Habitat towers, design and facilities.


Sky Habitat Condominium Design

The overall design is porous and open to air and light. The interconnected clusterings of terraced apartments and lush garden spaces mitigate the sense of density found in most condominiums, by maximising contact with nature. This results in a village-like clustering of residential units that form a more humane fabric, echoing hillside developments with the integration of architecture and nature.

Like for Lentoria, the apartments occupy less than 40% of the site; much of the grounds is developed into a series of lush gardens, outdoor event rooms, swimming pools, and walking paths. (Drop us a line to be kept updated on the launch date for the Lentoria showflat if you like, or on the Lentoria floor plans, once available.)

The design of Sky Habitat has its roots in the landmark Habitat ’67 residential development in Montreal, Canada, built by Moshe Safdie as a central feature of Expo ’67. Habitat ’67 is recognized as both a residential and an architectural icon that encapsulates Safdie’s ideal of making the high-rise apartment into a “house”, with its own identity and personal space, yet set in a community.

Sky Habitat Showflat :: Habitat 67Habitat ’67 in Montreal Canada by Moshe Safdie :: A sought after residential address today

Today there is long waiting list for units in this complex. Residents who have managed to get their hands on one count themselves among the fortunate few, as in this instance.


For more information see Sky Habitat location or site plan.



Would you like details, or to register for a showflat viewing?

Update: Sky Habitat is completely sold out. Thank you for dropping by.

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